First Look – New Corsair


Looking for a compact SUV that offers the latest in comfort and excitement? The all-new 2023 Lincoln Corsair is coming soon to Barrie! This brand-new model from Lincoln represents an exhilarating expansion to its lineup of high-quality luxury vehicles. It offers agile performance that’s fun to drive and a mindfully designed interior that acts like a personal sanctuary, with bold and elegant styling to boot.



The Lincoln Corsair SUV offers thrilling and effortless performance with three available advanced driver-assist systems. Standard on all models, Co-Pilot360 2 1 features more standard features when compared to the previous model year. New for 2023 is ActiveGlide146 that allows you to drive hands-free while being monitored by a forward-facing camera, so your eyes remain focused on navigating traffic lights or other obstacles ahead. It will also help you save time while ensuring greater safety. If an emergency arises during this process, assistance can quickly arrive without having drivers worry about what might happen next!


The 2023 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is an alluring new addition to the stable of top-notch cars that are powered by both gas and electricity. This luxurious 4 door sedan has been given updates on exterior design, with its grille being replaced for elevated style in two different colour schemes - black/white or silver maple leaves, among others! Plus, there are four standard modes and two additional options: Pure EV for when you need silence; Preserve, which recharges batteries while preserving their energy, so they'll last longer before needing another charge.


Lane Change Assist can help drivers move through traffic on the freeway with more confidence while using ActiveGlide. The system will perform a hands-free lane change when the driver taps the turn signal, and it can even suggest a lane change in slow-moving traffic.

Predictive Speed Assist automatically and smoothly adjusts the speed as drivers approach a sharp curve. It will also signal the driver ahead of time when a speed change is about to occur.

In-Lane Repositioning makes the hands-free highway driving experience feel more natural, keeping the vehicle in its lane while subtly shifting it away from vehicles in adjacent lanes – especially helpful when next to bigger vehicles.


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