The Lincoln Way

The Lincoln Way

Purchase Any New Lincoln Vehicle and Get Up-To 6 Months of Payment Relief:

  • The first three payments will be deferred after vehicle delivery (for eligible new Lincoln vehicles purchased during the program period)
  • Upon delivery, receive first three monthly payments in Customer Cash. Incentive models include:
    • $2250 Customer Cash: 2020 MKZ, 2020 Continental, 2020 Corsair
    • $2500 Customer Cash: 2019 Nautilus, 2019 Navigator
    • $2750 Customer Cash: 2020 Aviator, 2020 Nautilus, 2020 Navigator
  • In addition, for staying home and adhering to self-isolation practices, accept a $100 Dealer Cash incentive on every eligible new 2019/2020 Model Lincoln vehicle that is purchased/leased.

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For Existing Owners:

If you're affected by COVID-19 and are leasing or financing through Lincoln Automotive Financial Service, we're here to help.

Register your Account at Lincoln Automotive Financial Services or call at        1-855-768-8909.